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What Would You Do For Your Education?

Condolezza Rice declared that the absence of general education is the “civil rights issue of our generation.” We need to be educated on this issue. We were victims of our own lives, blinded by our [...]

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Giving For Good Marketplace in Rhode Island

This week has been a fun one following Giving Tuesday. Thank you for your support! For all you Rhode Island residents, we have another fun event for you coming up this Monday. EbenGroup will be [...]

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5 Female Politicians You Need To Watch

The race to get more women in offices of government affairs and positions of leadership has been on fire. Around the world, women have been taking strides for social progress and closing the gender gap [...]

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Building Peace in a World of Conflict

Watching the news can be disheartening, especially when the stories center on countries experiencing conflict. War no longer exists in a faraway field; it happens where civilians and their families live. How can these areas be [...]

Poverty is Sexist… Education Too

How can education lift girls out of poverty, and shift the weight on the sexist scale to be more equal? […]

Let girls learn

First Lady, Michelle Obama, is headed to Cambodia to advocate girls' education. As a female-run #socent advocating for education access in Cambodia, we are so happy that such an important woman is taking a political [...]

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Sneak Peek…

Good morning and happy HumpDay! To celebrate making it this far into the week, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at some of our new leather products, coming soon!  Can you guess what [...]

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You go girl!

Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai have jointly been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. It is inspiring to see two people fighting for the rights [...]

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Coffee Facts for our Case of the Mondays

It may be Monday, but it's also #NationalCoffeeDay! Did you know, according to the National Coffee Association, the IvoryCoast is one of the world's largest producers of robusta coffee?  Coffees from the Ivory Coast are [...]

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It's that time of year again... #BackToSchool. If you're not already excited, take note. There's a contest coming up! This isn't just any contest, though. It's a #SELFIE CONTEST! What's the prize? One of our [...]

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Local Spotlight for our Foodie Friends

It's no secret that we love our Oklahomies and particularly when they make delicious food that tempts us to break all diets! So, I you're (perpetually) hungry like us, check out this new up and [...]

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Eben Goes to Côte d’Ivoire Part 2

Hey guys! Follow us as we take you along our second trip to Cote D'ivoire! This time we are going to Abidjan, the largest city. Even as our spirits our high headeding to the orphanage [...]

Shirts & Support for our Oklahomies

    With your help we can show our Oklahomies some love. Oklahoma is EbenGroup's home and every year our state gets ravaged with tornados. Most recently a devastating one swept through Moore and south [...]

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Good things come to those who wait. SALE!

EbenPak, yay! Your legs must be tired because you've been running through our minds all day! We want to recognize you and give you a virtual "pound it" for your awesomeness and supporting our cause. [...]