With your help we can show our Oklahomies some love.

Oklahoma is EbenGroup’s home and every year our state gets ravaged with tornados. Most recently a devastating one swept through Moore and south Oklahoma City. We want to show our neighbors our support, so we made these awesome shirts of which all proceed will be donated to the newly established OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund to assist with the long-term educational, emotional and medical needs of the tornados of May 20 in Moore and 19 in Shawnee.

It’s encouraging to see the love and generosity from many willing to provide some much needed short-term help for the victims. However, we are aware that there will be long-term consequences. To help prepare for those future challenges many will face, Gov. Mary Fallin in coordination with the United Way of Central Oklahoma have set up this fund and we hope to contribute as much as we can to help our Oklahomies out.

See our shirts at: ebengroup.com/shop